There are different tour programs offered by Uyole Cultural Tourism enterprise


Story Telling

You will meet people of different ages and get an opportunity to interact. Elder people “Wazee” without forgetting the Safwa chiefs who will tell you stories about the Safwa tribe, their origin, chiefdom, traditions and custom more over you will be surprised with hundred of folktales of the locals

Local Beer brew

Here you will get to learn all the procedures for making local beer “komoni, dadii and chimpumu” as someone will be demonstrating the materials and utensils used to prepare the local bear you will appreciate fantastic test of the beer which is served in a traditional calabash and you can drink it by using local straw called kinfwefwe

Nature walking safari

Discover wonders of natural environment through outdoor recreations for restoration of one’s well being though nature walking tour in and around Mbeya region with amazing landscapes, scenery, and vegetation

Traditional Dance

While you’re enjoying your stay in Mbeya you will experience a Safwa dance which is performed by a group of men and women performing songs for different occasions such as welcoming guests, ceremonial dances and crop harvesting songs.

Other tours includes:

Farm activities, Cycling, A visit to the Chief of Safwa people, a visit to the local extraction of building materials,

Volunteer Programme

Uyole Cultural Tourism Enterprise receives and arranges for volunteers who are interested to work in health and educational sectors around their areas.


Lake Ngosi safari

On your exploring the world you will discover an exciting sight of outstanding natural beauty and superb hiking location, where you can find (Lake Ngosi) The second largest Crater Lake in Africa, with the depth of 74M, 2.5Km long and 1.6 Km wide has the African Map look like shape. It takes up to two hours from foothill to the ridge where the lake lies at 200M below, the slopes of the crater wall are covered by magnificent upper Montana forest, glass land, bamboo trees Monkey and many birds’ species can be seen in the forest which is also home of endemic species of three horned chameleon, A visit to this place it’s a truly unique experience. The lake has spiritual significance for the local inhabitants and its water changes colors from blue, dark or green

Mount Rungwe Nature Reserve

having an area of 136.5m2 is a forested slopes and Montana grasslands host a unique variety of Wildlife, the area is critical for several endangered species including Kipunji. Mount Rungwe is the third highest peak in Tanzania reaches 2981 meters high. The climb is beautiful and rewarding due to its zoological affiliations and its botanical biodiversity. Other attractions found are three craters, more than 460 of plant species, 85 mammal’s species, 230 birds, 36 amphibians, 10 fish etc

Mbeya Range

Enjoy the adventure experience through energetic activities by reaching the highest peaks of famous volcanic mountain range that found in Mbeya region which forms different peaks like Loleza peak 2656m and Mbeya Peak 2826m both peaks can be seen on different places around Mbeya town, it’s a nice adventure that gives you nice view of the hills, mountains, Mbeya city view and The great rift valley

Kitulo national park tour

Walking across the grasslands to watch birds, wildflowers and hill climbing on the neighboring ranges a half day hike from the park across the Livingstone mountains leads to the sumptuous Matema beach on Lake Nyasa.

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